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Your small business deserves the competitive edge over big corporations. Technology is the answer.
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About IT Services Group

Our Mission - We will provide to every business the same level of support, knowledge, experience, professionalism and integrity no matter how big or small. We will focus on the customer's core business to help them grow their business to it's greatest potential. We will be there for our customers when they needs us - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and always with a smile. We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers so that each and every customer can continue to grow and maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Why Should You Choose IT Services Group?
The real question should be, can your business afford not to choose iTSGi?

The Relationship
The customer relationship starts with the initial contact and continues to grow throughout the lifetime of the relationship. We view ourselves as an extension of your business and we believe we must continually earn the privilege to serve your company. We help our customers solve their problems thru time-tested measures and help them take advantage of technology now and in the future.

The Experience
We are pioneers in the analysis, development and servicing of computer networks and IT departments all over the world. We have years of experience in building multi-million dollar infrastructures and solutions for small and large businesses alike. We can truly provide small to medium sized businesses with the level of service of large corporations without the large corporate price tag.

The Knowledge
Knowledge is not only learned from books, but from experience. Without one, the other is incomplete. Because of our extensive training and experience in a diverse number of technologies, we are able to see trends in the marketplace and identify key items that can maximize your company's efficiency and decrease downtime. We have seen many failed technology companies close their doors because they lack knowledge or experience. iTSGi has learned from these companies’ mistakes to make sure that the delicate balance between the two is never forgotten.

The iTSGi Advantage
Knowledge and experience in technology are only two little pieces in the entire puzzle. A good technology company should know how business in general functions as well as your particular industry. We have worked with organizations in the hospitality, dating, manufacturing, service, healthcare, insurance and government sectors to name a few. We draw the good and the bad from each to bring only the very best in service to the customer and to give them more than just an IT service company, but a partner in the future of their business.

Customer Testimonials

''I run a small business with no IT staff. Recently after a network-wide operating system upgrade, my system critical database servers went into a state from which my experience told me there was no return. The only option I had was to backup the databases and reconfigure the servers. This meant taking the servers off-line for several hours and came with the risk that the reconfigured servers would cause additional problems. I called my IT consultants, IT Services Group, whom I usually use for this sort of thing and asked them to take care of the re-configs. Rather than do what I asked (and bill me for the several hours it would have taken) they researched the problem and came up with quick and completely non-invasive solution to my problem, despite the fact that it was the less expensive solution. I've been using them for several years and it's this sort of thing that ensures I'll be using them for several more.''
- Owner Of A High-Level, Data Cleansing and Consolidation Firm

''ITSGI has done contract work for our company for the past 10 years. Most recently, I had the occasion to work with ITSGI on the physical tear-down and set-up of our network during a location move. At that time, the technician was able to recommend an overhaul of our internal systems. We hired ITSGI as well to perform the overhaul, and our systems have never functioned better! ITSGI was prompt, professional, and fair in estimating and implementation of our system upgrades. They followed up regularly, provided complete system documentation, and has supplied support whenever needed. ITSGI has earned our trust, and I would recommend them to any of my colleagues.''
- Vice President of Operations For A Predominant Warranty Services Company

''iTSGi has proven to be a valuable technology provider by delivering high availability solutions to us as well as our customers. Our business requirements were quite complex - load balancing, geographic fail over, complex firewall rules and VPN. They were able to implement and manage all if it. iTSGi has also built and implemented over 15 of our servers for us which saved us a lot of time and resources. iTSGi has met and exceeded all of our needs time and time again.''
- Chief Technology Officer For One Of The Largest Dating Services In The U.S.

''We have been with various hosting providers, none of which provided the level of hosting, not to mention the cost savings that iTSGi has. Whenever any problem pops up on our servers, we are notified by a real person from iTSGi letting us know so that we can act quickly. Our hosting services and fees are much lower than other hosting companies with comparative services. Great service and cost, what an amazing idea!''
- Chief Technology Officer For An Airline Service Provider

''We appreciated ITSGI's efforts and commitment seeing our project through on a timely basis. It went very well and that was not by accident or luck. Their hard work and dedication made the difference. Thanks!''
- Chief Executive Officer For A Predominant Search Marketing Firm

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