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Here at IT Services Group, we believe that every customer should get the service they need as soon as possible. With the growing number of manufacturers, software, systems and client needs, its virtually impossible for any one company to service all your Information Technology needs and do it well. We understood this problem from the start and have made it a priority to partner with other companies to bring you the very best service, when you need it. We can only do so much and stay within our core business and other companies likewise. So why sacrifice quality by going to a company that offers everything and does it all in-house? The simple answer is you dont need to. All you need to do is call iTSGi the next time you need something. We will either take care of you directly or facilitate the communication between our partners and you so that you call one company for every technology need you may have.

IT Services Group has strategic partnerships with:

CarrollNet IncCarrollNet is in the business of saving businesses from catastrophic disasters. We protect businesses from the destruction caused by fire, floods, earthquakes, and equipment failure. Ensuring survival means peace of mind for a business’s management, staff and shareholders. The
core of Carroll-Net’s Disaster Protection is our remote backup service. Our patent pending technology sends customer’s data to our Datacenter where it’s archived. Customers no longer use fragile tape backup or risk data theft taking tapes home. Each customer saves money, saves time, and saves themselves from disaster – guaranteed! Carroll-Net provides each customer with their own Healthy Server™ Appliance. Each night, customer’s backups are sent to their appliance, then transmitted to our Datacenter. If a customer needs to restore a file or even recover an entire server, all their data is immediately available on their appliance. If the customer is ever prohibited from accessing their office, they have access to all their data stored at our datacenter.

DaZoop IncDaZoop has experts in designing, implementing and delivering high-performing cost-effective information technology infrastructures and applications to address complex business problems. Extensive qualifications  in all  facets of project  life cycle development, from initial feasibility analysis and conceptual design through documentation, implementation, training and enhancement.

KBK MarketingKBK Marketing - Is your website built, being built or still the next big thing? We can apply our professional SEO techniques before, during or after the web design process! This is our specialty. By taking the high road to high search engine rankings we are able to offer your website a life long
presence on the engines without high PPC rates or long term monthly fees! We will work with you and/or your webmaster to develop the proper content, internal and external linking that will push your website to the top of the search engine results. Unlike other SEO companies KBK Marketing will help you do the keyword research and only deliver traffic that YOU want to be ranked on!

Seagate Recovery ServicesSeagate Recovery Services brings the expertise of the most highly skilled, professional recovery technicians to retrieve the data you need when you need it. Whether you need to recover critical business data or irreplaceable personal files, we put our specialized knowledge and cutting-edge technology to work for you. Our  "no files, no charge"  policy  and proven record  of service  excellence make Seagate Recovery Services the best choice for your data recovery service needs.

Strategic Internet Marketing Partners IncStrategic Internet Marketing Partners is a boutique online marketing firm providing innovative solutions that generate results for our clients. Our team of seasoned veterans have the time, focus and experience to create
and implement a wide variety of online marketing initiatives. Some of our services include: online lead generation, paid search marketing (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), local search promotion (LSP), analytics consulting, online media buys, creative services, web development & programming. Their team of seasoned veterans have the time, focus and experience to create and implement a wide variety of online marketing initiatives.

IT Services Group also believe its in our customers best interest to not be specific in the technologies we provide. We always want to provide our customers with the best solutions so we work with a wide variety of vendors and manufacturers so that you get the best solution for your business, not the one that provides us the best margins or biggest perks. Some of the manufacturers that we work with are...

3Com, 3Ware, Adaptec, Adobe, AMD, APC, Avaya, Brother, Canon, Cisco, Citrix, Computer Associates, Coyote Point Systems, Dell, D-Link, Epson, Fat Pipe Networks, Gateway, Hitachi, HP/Compaq, IBM, Intel, Intuit, Kingston, Liebert, Linksys, McAfee, Microsoft, Overland Storage, Seagate, Sony, Symantec, Supermicro, Toshiba, Trend Micro, Veritas, Viking Components, Western Digital and Xerox.
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