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About iTSGi Hosting Services

IT Services Group offers a wide array of hosting services, all fully-customized to your particular needs so that you're never charged for something you're not using. While we are not usually the "cheapest deal in town", we are very competitively priced when comparing "apples to apples". We also guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with not only the quality of the service that we provide, but we also guarantee that our tech support is the most courteous and responsive that you will find with any technology company.

Some of the hosting services that we offer include web, e-mail, external spam filtering / spam blocker, business-class DNS, Windows streaming video, Map.APP mapping application (customized mapping solution equivalent to Microsoft's Map Point), Communicast mass e-mail distribution (e-mail marketing), database (SQL 2000, SQL 2005 and MySQL) and custom application hosting. With all our hosting we can provide advanced features such as hot fail over protection, both local and geographic load balancing and clustering. So what sets iTSGi apart from other hosting companies?

Hardware & Software
All our hosting services are run on only the best, time-tested hardware and software platforms that is maintained to the highest of quality standards. We are primarily a Microsoft hosting environment, but we also include other technologies that our customers need. A new piece of hardware or software is only added to our production environment after rigorous testing to ensure the best quality of service. And unlike some hosting companies, we actually own every single piece of equipment in our hosting network. Many other "hosting companies" merely rent or lease their equipment from larger hosting companies. If a problem should ever arise, our hosting facility is in nearby Naperville, IL just 30 minutes from our main office in Joliet.

Network Uptime
While we guarantee 99.9% network uptime, our track record speaks for itself. Since 2005 and to date, our network uptime has been 100%*. Very few hosting companies have a proven track record as good as ours.

Network Security
Network Security is of the utmost importance to IT Services Group. That's why we offer with all our hosting, free of charge, Windows and server application updates, enterprise-class anti-virus, Cisco PIX firewall protection and periodic vulnerability scans. Most companies offer some sort of firewall protection at a premium and usually, they don't even offer the other services mentioned. We offer them all, free of charge because we believe the key to keeping any network running is good security and maintenance.

Other Services
We offer many other services as well as what has been mentioned above such as encrypted backups with extended offsite retention, active monitoring from multiple locations, website analytics, special support packages, website maintenance agreements and much more. Below is what we offer with all of our hosting packages, big or small:

Emergency support, 24x7
Enterprise-class anti-virus updated every 4 hours
Patch maintenance
Periodic vulnerability scans
Cisco Firewall protection
Enterprise-class servers with full RAID protection and other redundant components
Daily tape backups with off-site retention
Raised floor
APC secured rackmount enclosures
Dual power feeds
N+1 redundant generators
N+1 redundant UPS (Uninteruptable Power Supply)
N+1 climate control
Dedicated switched connections
Multiple Keycard/pin entry system
Video Camera security system
Multi-Homed transport to multiple Internet backbones
Carrier-class Cisco routing and switching
Datacenter built to ANSI / TIA-942, PCI and SAS 70 II Compliant
FM-200 fire suppression system

Still not convinced that IT Services Group is the right hosting company for you? Contact us today and let us show you with a competitive analysis of what we offer against any two other hosting companies. If we can't prove that our hosting is the best value, we'll give you 6 months of website monitoring free, an $85 value!

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