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iTSGi Service Offerings

IT Services Group offers many different Information Technology service solutions to Chicagoland, national and international companies alike, both proactive and reactive with 24 x 7 support available. We have highly trained professionals that spend hours each month just researching new technologies as well as security advisories and technical updates so that we can bring the best service to you as quickly as possible. Some of our specialties are listed below.

Customized Hosting Services
We offer a wide array of hosting services, all fully-customized to your particular needs so that you're never charged for something you're not using. We offer web, SQL 2000 and 2005, MySQL, e-mail, DNS, SPAM filtering and Windows streaming video hosting all with many extras that most companies even don't offer. If they do offer it, chances are it's at a premium and will drive your hosting fees well above their "advertised" price. For a full list of hosting services we offer, please click here to visit our web hosting page.

Network & Desktop Services
Whether it's emergency service or an ongoing maintenance contract, we can service whatever needs you may have with your network. We have experience with almost every access point, switch, router, firewall, workstation and server on the market and specialize in Cisco products. Even if you don't have a big network, we can service any size problem. We also service printers, scanners and most toner or inkjet-based fax machines. Since we're based just 40 minutes South of Chicago and only minutes from major expressways, we can service you company whether you're in Peoria, Indianapolis, the Quad Cities or Milwaukee.

Network Security Services
What's the best way to keep your network secure? Skilled professionals, the right combination of hardware and/or software and preventive maintenance. The best hardware or software in the world won't protect you if it's not configured correctly and maintained. iTSGi works with your existing infrastructure and staff to develop the right security solution for your business. We can provide many different security services such as Patch Management, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS), Event Collaboration & Log File Analysis, VPN, PGP, and Virus Remediation just to name a few.

IT Administrative Services
Many small companies can not afford to keep an IT staff on payroll let alone a technical administrative staff who can take care of things like technology budgets, asset management, business continuity planning (disaster recovery), project management, technology planning or needs analysis. Our experts have spent years not only working as technicians, but many of them have spent time as administrators having to balance IT budgets, planning for projects or keeping track of technology assets. Because of our extensive background and experience in a diverse number of technologies, we are able to see trends in the marketplace and identify key items that can maximize your company's efficiency and decrease downtime. We can help you determine what you own, what it's worth and where your technology needs to be in order to continue growing your business. By basing your technology around your business rules, models and plans, we can help your business be successful each and every day and make sure that your technology will be there for you when you need it most.

Monitoring Services
What does monitoring do for you? It can prevent unnecessary downtime, alert you of unauthorized access to your systems, let you know of a potential problem before anyone notices it or simply just let you sleep at night knowing everything is running just as it should. As with most of our services, monitoring is customized to your business. We can monitor both local and remotely using anything from simple ping monitoring to complex event collaboration systems to see an event which may cause catastrophic failure across multiple devices or applications.

Application Development
iTSGi has partnered with some of the most revolutionary, cutting-edge development companies in the application development industry. We can provide development and ongoing support in nearly any programming language including, but not limited to, Java, C++, VB, PHP, Cold Fusion, ASP and .NET. They are also skilled in using MS SQL, mySQL & Oracle databases. All of our application developers are certified by Microsoft and are always up to date on the latest programming and database technologies.

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